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"James has been a star, his support, words of encouragement, sarcasm and mostly his patience with me when I have gone into a mini meltdown by my interpretation of my lack of progress, have all contributed to my success on this plan, I can't thank him enough"

Being the proud owner of every book and fitness plan out there, I stumbled across a recommendation for the Sustain Plan on another well known 90 day plan Facebook page. I was somehow, at my heaviest that I have ever been! IIFYM just did not work for me at all!

I completed the questionnaire and sent it off. It was then, that I was introduced to James, who was now my designated Coach. I immediately started to get my excuses in “I will go with … BUT… “ and then followed all my usual excuses, I work hard all week so… I like a bottle of prosecco and takeaway on a Friday. Life is for living, blah blah blah. All the reasons that had made me not succeed in every other plan I had done so far, and all the reasons why I was feeling as fat as a fool this time around.

The next step was to complete my daily food diary and submit it for scoring, and this my friends, is where the game changed for me! There is something about having daily accountability, and having to write down everything you have consumed in a day and submitting it for scoring. Next day I got an email back, “10/10 there sister”, “great start”, “good job” and I can honestly, hand on heart say, that was the motivation I needed to do the same every day for the next 90 days that followed! Don’t get me wrong, over that period I did have the odd occasion where I was eating and drinking at social events, but, I kept it as much to plan as was possible. I really had changed all my bad habits. The key difference for me being the daily accountability and the support from my amazing coach was the reason why I worked for the plan.

James has been a star, his support, his words of encouragement, his words of sarcasm and mostly his patience with me when I have gone into a mini meltdown by my interpretation of my lack of progress, have all contributed to my success on this plan, and I cannot thank him enough for that. I kid you not when I say that he really is the best Coach I have EVER worked with (pay me later for that one James!).

The plan has not only had physical impacts such as my weight/figure/ appearance & my ability to lift heavier but also on my lifestyle as a whole which is pretty amazing. My teenage son, who was so impressed with my physical changes and with my commitment to exercise and food changes, said I was his inspiration and he now makes his own healthy food choices and follows the Sustain exercise videos! As a mother, knowing that I have inspired my son, to make healthy, lifestyle choices for himself and his future really is the cherry on the cake.

I have nothing but praise for James and the Sustain Plan and would not think twice about recommending anyone to give them a try. This is by no means the end of my Sustain journey, I still have a way to go to get what I want to achieve as the Carpenters sang “it’s only just begun” ……….. (peace, love and happiness)

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