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The Blamethrower

The ‘’BLAMETHROWER’’'blamethrower1. A fictional weapon featured in the movie Mystery Men that, when activated, caused those in the vicinty to turn on one another.2. An attempt t...


The Sustain Train

The Sustain TrainCHOO CHOO All aboard!!!Now I’m not sure where this came from, but I am guessing me as whenever I open my mouth ridiculous sound bites seem fall out of my mouth from ye...


Why the scales are cr*p!

WHY THE SCALES ARE CR*P!A guest blog for one of our amazing members today!Please like & share if you agree.''As a serial weigher and yo-yo dieter for the majority...


In case of emergency...

In case of Emergency BREAK GLASS!How to identify a STALL in progress and what to do about it!An all too common message we get hear at Sustain is ‘’I weighed the same so I ate ………EVERY...

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