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Episode 79 - How to Lockdown YOUR Lockdown

Well, here we go again! Lockdown 2 is upon us and if you struggled last time then now is the time to take action and be proactive! This podcast has tonnes of insights, tips and immediately actionabl...


Episode 78 - My Transformation

Little bit of a different one today. This is actually taken from one of our weekly client calls where we cover a range of subjects to help and educate. I cover what I did, why I started, what I lear...


Episode 77 - Mindset Mastery

Episode 77 - Mindset Mastery To get what is Desired you need to do what is Required. Makes sense right? But what do you do when you don't want to do it, when you are not motivated, can't be bothere...


Episode 75 - Obesity and Coronavirus

Pretty topical for us today. We are discussing the links between an unhealthy body weight and death via Coronavirus Is this the wake up that people need? Is the Government giving the correct advic...


Helena's Sustain Journey

Helena lost 2st BUT gained control, confidence, pride, knowledge and freedom. Being a Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor herself she knew EXACTLY what she should be doing but couldn’t understand wh...


New Item

Strange times indeed but we are committed to keeping you guys as healthy and as happy as we can possibly be. In this Episode we outline some of the exact tactics we are using with our current clients...

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