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Episode 64 - The Willpower Episode

People will often go on about Willpower and Motivation when it comes to fat loss How it comes and goes How important it is How its so needed We share our thoughts on the subject in the usual style...


Episode 63 - Why WE have a coach

Slightly different to our usual podcast of offering advice but think its important for us to share our journey with you too. Today we are sharing the exciting news that we have invested pretty highly...


Episode 62 - Make 2020 your Best Year Yet

Episode 62 - Make 2020 your Best Year Yet It's a Biggie today! We are going to share with you some essential tips to help you set up for your best year yet. Are you ready? Let us know what you t...


Episode 60 - Sleep, Health & Fat Loss

We talk about the importance of sleep, how it can affect your health and your fat loss and also how you can improve your own sleep quality Thanks as always for listening, please like and subscribe W...


Episode 59 - Food Labels and Exercise guides

Episode 59 - Food Labels and Exercise guides Todays Hot Topic! We discuss the possible Government movement of adding exercise guidelines in accordance to the calorie value of foods Do we think it w...

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