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Emotional Eating Episode 25

**EMOTIONAL EATING** CHEWING THE FAT - Eps 25 Emotional Eating is a HUGE issue for A LOT of people, and more often than not it's an issue that people don't attempt to tackle just because they don't k...


The TRUTH about the SAD STEP

You shuffle into the bathroom bleary-eyed after being rudely awoken by your alarm where does the weekend go so fast you think you yourself as you have the obligatory wee ''it's time'' you think as...


Episode 37 - Should you count Calories?

**EPISODE 37** We all know that calories will always control your weight BUT Do you need to weigh, track, measure and calculate EVERYTHING you eat and drink to make any kind of progress?


Social Media - Beauty or Beast?

Episode 35 -Social Media - Beauty or Beast? Join us on a deep delve into the pros and cons of Social Media that we see both personally and also with our clients Get ready for some real honest opinio...


Calories CAN'T Tell the Time

Here is a Doozy for you.... (No doubt ruffle a few feathers here) Stop stressing about nutrient timing, carbs pre or post workout, missing breakfast, having breakfast, eating after 6pm or before 1pm...


Are YOU Making Progress?

**ARE YOU MAKING PROGRESS?** Simple question - not so simple to answer! I see loads of people hang all of their self worth on what the scales say at one single moment in time I see even more people...


Our Ten Calorie Control Habits - Episode 34

Episode 34 - Our Ten Calorie Control Habits In todays episode we breakdown the exact habits we work with our clients to help them take control of their diets and start getting the results that they w...

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