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Processed food

Processed foods What counts as processed food? Examples of common processed foods include:• breakfast cereals• bread• savoury snacks, such as crisps, sausage rolls, pies and pastie...


Painless Fat Loss

How to lose unwanted fat painlessly! Can you pinch more than an inch? Odds are you are reading this because of the title and are more than likely looking to drop a couple of pounds over the coming mo...



What's the old saying? ''Too many cooks spoil the broth...'' That's the one^^ It's perfect for this time of year as one man and his dog will be piping up with their very own special diet advice ''...


Make loosing weight part of the process

We all know that all too familiar feeling when you finally realise that actually it’s you that has got bigger and not your clothes getting smaller. Eek – it’s time to diet! We have all been there....


Why SLIMMING WORLD didn't work for you

ooooooooooooooh Juicy Blog title right there for you isn't it! OK, so lets get one thing clear this is not a Slimming World bashing email not at all---------------after all these systems DO work fo...


STOP moaning about ONLY losing a pound

STOP moaning about losing 1/2 to 1 pound a week I’ve interrupted my work day to treat myself to a little rant here…. I spend a lot of my work day (too much) as a nutrition coach trying to convince p...


How many Sausage Dogs do you weigh?

This could get a little ranty for me here as it's an issue that is close to my heart I'm going to go on about weight for a while=============== I know, I know this is a super common subject but it...


The TRUTH about the SAD STEP

You shuffle into the bathroom bleary-eyed after being rudely awoken by your alarm where does the weekend go so fast you think you yourself as you have the obligatory wee ''it's time'' you think as...

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