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Evil Instagram

Why Evil Instagram is killing your perception of reality and dream body. I’m going to have a bit of a rant about why Instagram and the images people with great physiques push have left average people...



YOU NEED IT TO BE HARD! When it comes to training Intensity is key. You can have the best training plan in the world but if you don't push yourself you won't get the results you want. Likewise, if y...



**BE SENSIBLE** Don't eat your emotions and regret doesn't burn any calories. One 'mistake' is only one, don't let it turn into 5.6.7, a full day or even a week! If you eat something you think you sho...


Dad Dancing - the secret to fat loss

As you may or may not be aware it was my birthday at the weekend not usually one for a party but as this was a milestone one... No, not 21, but thanks for saying! *Yeah right!* The big 4-0 I thou...


Keep consistent & get results

**KEEP CONSISTENT & GET RESULTS** If you are looking at getting better at ANYTHING then consistency is key. Nutrition, training, maths, dancing, playing the guitar all require practice, patience and...


Are processed foods EVIL?

franken-foods, fast food, convenience food....whatever you want to call it it all gets a bad rap bread, pizza, crisps, cake, biscuits all that good stuff is going to be processed not something you...

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