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Episode 60 - Sleep, Health & Fat Loss

We talk about the importance of sleep, how it can affect your health and your fat loss and also how you can improve your own sleep quality Thanks as always for listening, please like and subscribe W...


Episode 59 - Food Labels and Exercise guides

Episode 59 - Food Labels and Exercise guides Todays Hot Topic! We discuss the possible Government movement of adding exercise guidelines in accordance to the calorie value of foods Do we think it w...


Episode 46 - Dieting Dilemas

Episode 46 - Dieting Dilemas In today's episode we cover quite a few of the very common mistakes we often see with clients starting a new diet Mindset, Outlook and stressing about certain food choic...


Episode 45 - Diet Challenge Tips

Episode 45 - Diet Challenge Tips September sees the launch of our second 28 day challenge Here is a quick breakdown of what the challenge entails and how we would approach it personally Get some in...

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