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Why Healthy calories still count

**HEALTHY CALORIES STILL COUNT** Whilst we are all about pushing people towards choosing more natural, single ingredient foods when fat loss and health is the number one goal, good ingredients don't a...


Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Well, ain’t it NEAT? (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) Could this be the reason your fat loss has stopped? So we get the odd frustrated client or member of the support group who is training ha...


Is a high protein diet bad for you?

Sooo, much like a lot of the fitness/health/nutrition industry, we at Sustain advocate a relatively high protein diet. If you’ve ever scoured the web for nutrition information, you’ve likely come acro...


10,000 steps a day or not?

10,000 steps or 3x10 minutes? I’m sure most are aware of Dr Mosley and his regular health shows on BBC, if not, he’s a medical doctor turned presenter who regularly presents shows on health. I’m gene...


Insulin doesn't make you fat

Insulin doesn’t make you fat. This one’s another sciency one, so sadly don’t expect many jokes thrown in or a massively passive read. It’s interesting though and can dispel a fairly common nutritio...


Does Organic = Healthy?

Does Organic = Healthier? This can be a controversial subject, as people have strong opinions on either side of the argument. I’m going to try to ignore opinions though, as they already cause way too...

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