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Episode 40 - Training Intensity

Episode 40 - Training Intensity Todays Podcast is focused on training intensity *How to Judge it *Why its just so important *How to make sure you make progress *How it works Thanks for listening an...



Episode 39 - DIETING ON YOUR PERIOD Oh my Days! Yes, we are tackling this subject - Why? Because we see far too many ladies struggle and binge during their Time of the Month We discuss exactly wha...


Episode 37 - Should you count Calories?

**EPISODE 37** We all know that calories will always control your weight BUT Do you need to weigh, track, measure and calculate EVERYTHING you eat and drink to make any kind of progress?


Social Media - Beauty or Beast?

Episode 35 -Social Media - Beauty or Beast? Join us on a deep delve into the pros and cons of Social Media that we see both personally and also with our clients Get ready for some real honest opinio...


Calories CAN'T Tell the Time

Here is a Doozy for you.... (No doubt ruffle a few feathers here) Stop stressing about nutrient timing, carbs pre or post workout, missing breakfast, having breakfast, eating after 6pm or before 1pm...

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