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Pre-sleep protein: BS or improved MPS?

Pre-sleep protein intake!You may have heard the gym bro’s and company’s selling it that you need to take casein protein before you go to sleep. It’s a slow digesting protein and so will...


Non-nutritive sweetners

Non-nutritive sweeteners Okay, let’s talk about non-nutritive sweeteners. Sounds like a complicated title, but essentially it’s just sweeteners that house no nutrition! So think your...


What can you do?

What can you do? Quite often we will receive a message from someone interested, wanting to know how the service works and what to expect, even more often this will also contain a list of...


Every Failure is a lesson

Every failure is a lesson ‘’you have only failed when you stop trying’’‘’it’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it’’I don’t want to sound like a YouTube mot...


Calories, do you spend them wisely?

Calories – do you spend them wisely!Are you a frugal buyer or do you shoot your load on the first week of the month, then have to live the rest of the month like a monk?Whil...


3 tips for effective training

Sustains top 3 tips to effective training ‘’what is the best training plan?’’‘’what exercises should I do for….’’Very common questions that we are used to getting aske...

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