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Why you don't need 'a plan'

Why you don’t need a plan If you know what to eat then why are you not doing it? This is the diet paradigm that we at Sustain have been fighting against sadly since we first started. The usual diet g...


Don't drink your calories

**DON'T DRINK YOUR CALORIES** People understand that drinks, alcohol, in particular, contain calories BUT they might not understand just how many! Enter the humble Mars Bar! Pretty much everyone in t...


Coconut Oil - is it worth the hype?

Coconut oil – what is it? Is it a superfood? Can it cure everything from acne to cancer? I’m going to say not… The first question is easy – it comes from coconuts! Like most vegetable oils (although...


What makes you fat?

**WHAT MAKES YOU FAT?** ''I have to cut carbs to lose weight'' ''Low fat diet for me'' ''I stop eating after 6pm'' These are really common statements that you will hear people say when talking about...


Why Healthy calories still count

**HEALTHY CALORIES STILL COUNT** Whilst we are all about pushing people towards choosing more natural, single ingredient foods when fat loss and health is the number one goal, good ingredients don't a...


Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Well, ain’t it NEAT? (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) Could this be the reason your fat loss has stopped? So we get the odd frustrated client or member of the support group who is training ha...

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